Sunday, 26 January 2014

Moussaka a'la Sof

The other night I cooked a lovely moussaka. I made it a bit healthier by cutting out the potatoes and the white sauce. You really don't need it it tastes wonderful anyway. 

You need -

1-2 aubergines 
Minced beef (turkey would make it even healthier)
1 can of plum tomatoes 
2 onions 
2 garlic cloves
Salt & pepper
Cheese (I used cheddar)

Slice your aubergine into 0,5 cm slices and pan fry in a little bit of olive oil until light brown. Put on baking paper to dry up whilst you fry your onions, beef and garlic. Add your spices and the plum tomatoes. Leave to simmer in the pan for about 10 mins. 
In an oven form start with the mince then layer the aubergine on top and continue like this until you filled the form (start with mince and finish with aubergine).
Sprinkle cheese on top and cook in 200 degrees for about 30 mins. If it get's to dark on the top cover with aluminum foil before continue baking it. 

Serve with salad and enjoy this winter warmer! 

Om någon svensk läsare vill ha detta receptet på svenska så är det bara att lämna en kommentar med eran mail address så skickar jag det direkt :)



  1. Jag brukar göra en liknande version. Ska prova din nästa gång! Ha en fin dag ♥

    1. Mm det är ju så gott & enkelt! Ja gör det du kommer älska den det är jag säker på :) Kram