Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mexican buckwheat pancakes - my take on pancake day

Yesterday it was both "fettisdagen" and pancake day. For non swedes fettisdagen is the a day where we eat semlor which is a cardamom bun filled with almond paste and cream, utterly delicious but not very healthy. Since there's no semlor here in Gibraltar I did a healthy take on pancake day instead, by making savoury ones for dinner. They are gluten and sugar free and went down a treat!

To make enough buckwheat pancakes for 2 ppl you need -
2 eggs
3,5 dl milk of your choice
1,5 dl buckwheat flour
Pinch of salt 
50 ml butter

Mix your eggs with half the milk and stir in the flour little by little. Add the rest of your milk and melted butter. Mix until smooth. Should make 4-5 pancakes depending the size of your frying pan and how thick you make them. I used a slightly larger pan since we used them as wraps. 

I made mince beef with Mexican spice, kidney beans, sweet corn and coriander for ours. They are perfect for your lunchbox and can be filled with whatever you like, I like them with cottage cheese.

Igår var det både fettisdagen och pancake day. Eftersom det inte går att få tag i semlor här nere så bestämde jag mig för att göra en nyttigare variant utav pannkaksdagen. 
Jag gjorde bovetepannkakor som är gluten och sockerfria och hur goda som helst! 

Vi fyllde våra med en mexikansk köttfärsröra på köttförs, kidneybönor, majs och koriander men du kan fylla dom med vad du önskar. Perfekt i lunchlådan och dom funkar jättebra ihop med keso tex. 

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